Prepare for the Fallout: The Great Schism Within the Catholic Church Will Now Erupt

By Dr. Kelly Bowring

(Divine Mercy Sunday in the Jubilee of Mercy, 2016, Many will now see what God’s prophecy has been warning us about, how He has been revealing to us that the schism will now erupt. It will be vicious, as a war ensues between Truth and lies. And the Catholic Church will be brought down until it resembles a heap of stones. But the true Church shall remain intact protected by the Remnant Army, who will fight to save the Church from ruination.

divisionTwo Sides Will Emerge Clearly

The clash of the great divide, with the one side of the Holy Spirit and the other of the spirit of evil, will now bring about the greatest deception in the history of the Church, according to prophecy.

A wicked group has emerged to engage a campaign to rid the Church (and the whole earth) of the Truth of Christ’s Teachings. Masonry has infiltrated the Church on earth and now the schism, as foretold, will create division and disquiet among the priests and bishops.

The True Faith is being twisted, and we are being presented with a watered-down doctrine, which is an insult to Christ’s Teachings, a new doctrine of darkness aimed to suppress the Truth, trading lies for the Truth. And this is being done in such a way that it does not appear noticeable to most.

The Church is being plunged into darkness. Its leadership is applauding the god of social justice and human rights at the expense of conversion and salvation. The time has come for the division – the schism foretold – to take place, and it will now be swift.

What Is All This About, Anyway?

Satan is tempting God’s children to deny their Faith. A terrible darkness has descended over the world. Never have so many of God’s children lost their faith. This apostasy in the world causes confusion about the existence of sin. The liars are convincing us of the need to change the Truth and to glorify sin.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are drawing others by saying all the things they want to hear. Cleverly camouflaged in holy speak, which hide their terrible lies, they are defiling the Word and bringing disarray into the Church. The Scriptures are being declared to be out of touch with the needs of mankind and desires of people living in the twenty-first Century.

Heresies are now springing from within the Church and are brought about by rationalism and human interference with the Word, spread by scholars who are not filled with the spirit of Truth but who are, instead, stuffed with self-righteousness, fueled by pride. So well versed do they believe they are in interpreting the Church’s Teachings that they are adding in new codicils and adjusting what Christ taught to suit their own selfish needs.

According to prophecy, the schism in the Church will now occur and be broken into three different stages:

  1. The first stage, which is occurring right now, involves those few who understand the Truth of the Holy Gospels who will now decide that they cannot accept the lies being introduced and promulgated from the highest level of the Church’s hierarchy.  They will no longer tolerate that the Catholic Church is embracing the secular world and declaring mortal sin to be no more.
  2. The second stage will come about shortly when the Sacraments are altered. Even at this point, only the brave will refuse to accept the distortions of the Mass and the Holy Sacraments that will take place to bring about the new one world religion.
  3. The third stage will be when soon afterwards churches will be desecrated, and at this point many priests will wake up only to then find themselves cast out of the new false church. In the name of social justice and social compassion, the deceiver will set out to create a modern church. This church will be seen to reach out to all sinners and to embrace all peoples.

From today forward, good priests will suffer from a terrible dilemma. The faith of many of them has already been shaken and they will have to choose whether or not they want to accept the new substitute doctrine, which is now replacing the Word, or remain loyal to the True Faith. Even the most devout among them will now be overwhelmed by the loud voices of the impostors. Even they will begin to question the relevance of Christ’s Teachings in the world today, where sin is no longer being declared to be of any significance.

What Must We Do?

The time has come to refuse to accept direction from those who are desecrating the Word of God and who through their lies and new obscene doctrines are misleading many. As humanity continues to separate from Christ, this will cause the remnant faithful a great deal of pain and spiritual suffering. By accepting this suffering, and by your continued prayers, many souls will be saved.

Pray for priests, who, lukewarm in their faith, are being easily seduced and drawn into the arms of the deceiver, whose charismatic appearance has been difficult to resist. His plan is to deceive the world’s clergy. We must pray that he will be identified for who he is, seeing through his demeanor and facade, seeing his attention-seeking agenda, seeing the way heretical bishops and priests drop in awe at his feet and do his every bidding, seeing how his humility is false, seeing his mischievous intentions, and seeing that the love he exudes is really all about himself, with his subtle acts and sly gestures, always displaying at every opportunity his seemingly saintly attributes. We must pray that priests will see that while he is portrayed as innovative, dynamic – a breath of fresh air – in his quick and unexplainable rise to prominence, he is really a fooler of the faithful, rotten to the core (according to prophecy) who is misleading many through manipulated lies and the spread of confusion as he tries to convince the priests that what they have known to be true, up to now, is no longer the case.

Know This!

This new twisted version of the Word will disguise many heresies. Know this, only the astute will recognize these untruths, for they will be carefully hidden within a false doctrine, which will be seen to be a breath of fresh air.

And know this. All these things presented to the world in Christ’s Holy Name, serve only one purpose. That is to take you away from the Word. When those who say they are of the Church do not venerate the Holy Word, but instead, embrace and try to control the world’s politics, then they can never say they are of Christ or His true Church.

The priests and faithful will now be forced to swallow lies and many priests and bishops will be allured to pay the deceiver homage, who think out of duty that they need to follow this deception into error and schism.

The problem is that according to prophecy the deceiver will be seen to be doing great good in the world as the true Word is being treated like heresy. Unfortunately, due to misguided loyalty, so many will fail to see the errors of the teachings of this deceiver, and many will continue to be led astray, finding themselves lost and confused as they become willing victims of the great deceit.

Though bearing the image of goodness, the deceiver is leading many astray, blinding them to the Truth and detaching them from the Law of God. Meanwhile, the faithful are being led to take their mind off Jesus by asking them to spend more time honoring the works of the deceiver, to mouth his words and copy his actions.

And anyone who dares to challenge him is being ignored, even in the highest places within the Church.

What is more, many false leaders are confusing the faithful by telling them that all things are good when they are bad, and holy when they are not. They are shielding the wolves that want to devour the souls of God’s children. Division, disquiet, and disarray will now ensue.

God Will Intervene

There is cause for hope. God is telling us through modern prophecies that this is the time for His intervention.

He is asking us to continue to call out to Jesus who will open our eyes to the Truth. He is giving us the Mother of God to comfort us at this time of great apostasy and schism.

He wants us to have the courage to denounce the lies and to question the authenticity of the leaders of this false reform.

Above all, He wants us to reject the lies, withstand the apostasy, and help others to see the truth of what is happening.

In the midst of this mayhem, God wants us to look kindly upon those who fight against Christ and to pray that God will show them mercy.

We must be mindful that those who spread apostasy do it in a way that is not apparent. Impostors are carefully nurturing souls into accepting their false doctrine. Prophecy warns that two-thirds of Christians will fall into apostasy where they will be none the wiser. Every Law of God will be bent, and new false compromises will be presented as being pertinent to the modern world. So persuasive will these enemies of Christ be, so caring and humble in appearance, that they will convince even the most staunch and loyal followers of Jesus that these changes are acceptable in God’s eyes.

The Result of the Great Schism

The Catholic Church will now be toppled and broken into little pieces. It is up to us to salvage the remnants of the Church. We must fight with bravery, through our love for Christ, against all obstacles. The true Church will remain, but only among the faithful remnant.

Pray that you will have the strength to remain loyal to Christ and refuse to take part in this wicked deceit, so as to remain part of the true Church. Victory awaits those who are faithful to the end.

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