Correcting Pope Francis: Detraction or Duty?

By Dr. Kelly Bowring

“In this supreme moment of the need of the Church,

those who should speak

will fall silent.”

Prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success

to Venerable Mother Mariana in 1611,

speaking about the “reign of Satan”

that Our Lady said would occur around the end of the 20th Century,

culminating finally with “a dark night” that the Church will suffer

when it will “lack a Prelate and Father to guide it”.

(Two Hearts Press LLC – February 3, 2016) As a Catholic theologian, again I am compelled to point out that it is apparent to many faithful Catholics today, and more and more so as the past 3 years have progressed, that some of Pope Francis’ actions and teachings have raised legitimate and serious concerns. It is becoming apparent that a war is brewing between Truth and lies, as the past two synods have shown us that many in the highest echelons of the Church (Kasper, Marx, Cupich) are deserting the Faith by following false doctrines and trying to lead others into spiritual darkness. Today we have indeed arrived at “the supreme moment of the greatest need of the Church”. And so to the Catholic world who can hear me today, I say to you, this is the moment not to fall silent. This is the moment for you to speak up!

Before Christ’s second coming

the Church must pass through a final trial

that will shake the faith of many believers

in the form of a religious deception

which will be one of apostasy.

Catechism of the Catholic Church #675

Is speaking up concerns about the Pope a form of detraction? Really!? No, in fact, this could not be farther from the truth. Instead, silence is the enemy here. The Pope is a public religious leader engaging in almost 3 years of leadership that many believe has led to confusion, error, and division. The Pope seems to be on an unhindered course to change the Church forever, one that may (intended or not) destroy her. And so no matter what his agenda is, we must continue to swear allegiance to the one true Word of God and now speak up for Christ and His divine truths.

“There is a time to speak.”

Ecclesiastes 3:7

It is an established fact that we have been prepared for today’s crisis in the Church by a great amount of solid and Church-approved (private) revelation (from God Himself) providing the faithful warnings and declarations to be alert that such a situation would develop in our times. So, with this in mind, let faith (in private revelation) and reason (regarding the Pope’s agenda) stir us to speak up. God’s promises and prophecies do not lie, and we can see that the Great Schism is on the horizon, just as prophecy forewarned. We are approaching a time when some in the Holy See are beginning to follow a watered-down doctrine that is devoid of God’s Spirit. And we must begin to alert others now, to speak up our concerns now. We must speak up!

“If I were to remain silent,

I’d be guilty of complicity.”

― Albert Einstein

So, to stand up and speak genuine concern for what the Pope is saying and doing (and those others whom he is promoting) that is troubling us is not only warranted but in some cases may be obligatory, according to our state in life. Parents should speak to their children, Catholic commentators to their social media followers, theologians to their students, priests to their parishioners, Bishops to their flock… and all of us openly to the Pope. Some even have a duty to do this at this point.

And so we speak up to Pope Francis, and offer clarification to the world that, among some of our concerns are:

  • We will not and cannot support a “Who am I to judge” approach to homosexuality… but instead proclaim the divine truth that all homosexual inclinations are objectively, intrinsically disordered; and all homosexual acts (and all sexual acts outside of those between a husband and wife) are always, everywhere, and for everyone a mortal sin.
  • We will not and cannot support giving the Eucharist to divorced/civilly remarrieds or to Lutherans, as is now being promoted… but instead proclaim the divine truth that the Eucharist is reserved for those who are in the state of grace and have proper disposition in full communion with Christ and His Church.
  • We will not and cannot support the 500-year anniversary celebration of Martin Luther and the founding of Protestantism… but instead proclaim the divine truth that God wills all to come into full communion with His Church, which subsists alone fully in the Catholic Church until the end of time. We cannot act as though all religions and denominations are equal, as some seem to be promoting. Pope Leo XIII warns: “The equal toleration of all religions is the same as atheism.” While we support reaching out to our Protestant brothers and sisters in valid, authentic ecumenical endeavors, we must remain clear that Luther founded a heresy opposed to the Catholic Faith and opposed to the papacy, and we are concerned about Catholics celebrating this Quincentennial memorial event.

“Just as it is licit to resist the Pontiff who attacks the body,

so also is it licit to resist him

who attacks souls or destroys the civil order or above all,

tries to destroy the Church.

I say that it is licit to resist him

by not doing what he orders

and by impeding the execution of his will.”

― St. Robert Bellermine

Catholics need to understand that there is no Church canon law that prohibits us from speaking up about our concerns, even regarding the Pope. On the other hand, the current situation in Rome today already threatens the faith and grace life of the members of the Church. It is time to speak up! We must realize that souls are at stake, not only by the Pope’s apparent double-talk but also because of the silence of those who should speak up, but who are, as of now, failing to do so.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:

God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak.

Not to act is to act.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

At what point does the sin of omission fall upon those who aren’t speaking up who should be, especially when right reason and faith demonstrates the evidence and gravity of this situation so clearly and the danger it quite possibly imposes upon the good and salvation of souls?

“If however, God were to permit a pope to become

a notoriously and contumacious heretic,

he would by such fact cease to be pope,

and the apostolic chair would be vacant.

― St. Alphonsus Liguori, Church Doctor

Certainly, remaining quiet is better than speaking irrational and misleading praise upon the Pope at this point, which some are still doing in a way that is adding to the confusion. Quite troubling are those orthodox Church leaders who should be speaking up, but who are not only remaining silent, but who are actually still unconditionally and publicly praising the Pope, especially when the confusion he is causing or permitting is known and becoming ever more consequential. However, others are beginning to see that they have a duty to speak up, especially if they have a position that influences the good of souls and the good of the Pope himself.

“I saw also the relationship


I saw that the (true) Church of Peter was undermined

by a plan evolved by the secret sect…

who built a large, singular, extravagant (false) church

which embraced all creeds with equal rights…

the new heterodox Church of Rome.”

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

To speak up our concerns now is to support the Papacy and the Magisterium of the Church, even though some accuse us of the contrary. According to Cardinal Burke in a recent interview, “You have a ridiculous situation of someone who simply defends what the Church has always taught and practiced being accused of being schismatic or being contrary to the (true) Roman pontiff,” said Cardinal Burke at one point. “But this is all the work of the Devil, and we have to recognize it for such.” (1/15/16 interview with Teresa Tomeo)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is

for good men to do nothing.”

― Edmund Burke

Remaining faithful and obedient, yes, but quiet and fearful, no! At what point will we determine that we must speak, as souls are at stake?

At the time of this tribulation a man,

not (authentically) canonically elected,

will be raised to the Pontificate,

who, by his cunning,

will endeavor to draw many into error

For in those days Jesus Christ will

send them not a true Pastor,

but a destroyer.

St. Francis of Assisi

Let the guidance of one of the Church’s premier Bishops guide us in raising our voices of concern and even to possibly one day have to correct the Pope:

For several past generations until our days there reigns in the life of the Church a kind of “pope-centrism” or a kind of “papolatria” which is undoubtedly excessive compared with the moderate and supernatural vision of the person of the Pope and his due veneration in the past times. Such an excessive attitude towards the person of the Pope generates in the practice an excessive and wrong theological meaning regarding the dogma of the Papal infallibility. 

If the Pope would tell the entire church to do something, which would directly damage an unchangeable Divine truth or a Divine commandment, every Catholic would have the right to correct him in a due respectful form, moved out of reverence and love for the sacred office, and person of the Pope…

I think in a time in which a great part of the holders of the office of the Magisterium are negligent in their sacred duty, the Holy Spirit calls today, namely the faithful, to step into the breach and defend courageously the Catholic faith

The Church is not ours, nor the Pope’s… The Church, our mother, is being bound in cords not only by the enemies of Christ but also by some of their collaborators in the rank of the clergy, even sometimes of the high clergy… As courageous soldiers we have to try to free this mother – with the spiritual weapons of defending and proclaiming the truth. (Bishop Athanasius Schneider, 2/1/16 interview with Rorate Caeli)

“The Holy Spirit calls the faithful today

to step into the breach

and defend courageously the Catholic Faith.”

― Bishop Athanasius Schneider (2016)

At this point, I am only encouraging Catholics to raise their concerns about those actions of the Pope that are causing or allowing confusion, but a time may very well arrive when we will be obliged to actually correct the Pope or even stand opposed to him, as when he would tell the entire church to do something which would directly damage an unchangeable Divine truth or a Divine commandment. For even a Pope can fall into heresy, thus invalidating his pontificate. Should this happen, he would merit our outright criticism and rejection, becoming an enemy of God and His Church. If and when this happens, St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church, in his Introduction to the Devout Life, advises: “The declared enemies of God and His Church, heretics and schismatics, must be criticized as much as possible, as long as truth is not denied. It is a work of charity to shout: ‘Here is the wolf!’ when it enters the flock or anywhere else.”

“Here is the wolf!”

― St. Francis de Sales

In the meantime, let us rightly believe that raising our concerns now is good and needed. The Pope, and the Catholic faithful at large, will surely benefit from hearing our expressed and legitimate concerns. For some of us, it may even be our duty – for the good of the Pope and for the good of the Church. So, do not fall silent! For the love of God and His Church, let those who should speak, speak now!

“If any authority, even the highest authority,

were to deny [Church] truth or act contrary to it,

I would be obliged to resist.

― Cardinal Raymond Burke (2015)


Dr. Kelly Bowring is a Catholic theologian in good standing who received his pontifical doctorate in Theology in Rome and is former Dean of the Catholic Graduate School of Theology. He is author of three books on modern Catholic prophecy and on the signs of the times, published by Two Hearts Press LLC (


Annette Marie Fabulous article..I wish I could make a Billboard of this and place it on every highway in America….but, maybe I’ll just share it with a few friends who I will probably lose their trust and friendship because they just don’t believe it or don’t want to believe it. I think any sensible religious (Catholic) person should be able to read this and give it credibility. They must discern through the Holy Spirit, but they won’t even do that because they are so afraid that even one thought of this could send them to Hell. I’s time to stand up and not be silent and it’s my belief that if I don’t do that then it’s my salvation that’s on the line. A CONUNDRUM!

Patrick Healy excellent article and summary Mr. Bowring .I think we should all print off this article and have it as reference when time comes for us to challenge those who are calling us schismatics when as Cardinal Burke points out recently in Jan 2016 we are ones who are defending doctrine of Roman Apostolic Catholic Church .As I see it many are waking up to this terrible fact that berGOGlio is not motivated to stay in line with doctrine God bless us all and help those inside and outside Church who out of wayward obedience will follow berGOGlio into one world church God help us all and save all humanity .

Lisa Satory Thank you so much Dr. Bowring. It helps to have this information in writing. Well articulated article that gives clear direction.

Lisa Addeo Each and every one of us who support the truth that Dr Bowring has clearly explained to us should begin to organize a gathering of the Catholic faithful in your community and invite him to come and speak the truth – this is a real way to speak up and evangelize and reach those souls who have ears and ought to hear. Have courage, step out in faith, we who understand must act now. Jesus I trust in YOU


May Castro-Africa Keep the good fight, Kelly Bowring….God will always be with you…and us during this fight!

Kevin Boldt Timely and well written fellow warrior of Christ! God Bless you always!

Michele Shannon Thank you! Keep fighting for what is right and true Kelly Bowring. You are a fierce warrior for Jesus and your crown in heaven is one that will dazzle beyond the others, for the Glory of our God!

Tom L Michaels from article – favorite quotes – THANK YOU:

“Silence is the enemy here.” – Dr. Bowring

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.” – Albert Einstein

“Just as it is licit to resist the Pontiff who attacks the body, so also is it licit to resist him who attacks souls or destroys the civil order or above all, tries to destroy the Church. I say that it is licit to resist him by not doing what he orders and by impeding the execution of his will.” -St. Robert Bellermine

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dominie Stemp If you want to organise a protest march against the celebration of the Luther business – count me in

Mari Koch he actually kissed this woman’s feet..I do not think our hearts can take much more of this disgusting behavior..and the other stuff he does…How can marian Catholics not see it..will read your post Kelly soon as i can…many still think he is a living saint..Have lost friends but who cares..just care about their souls..Offer up the hurt..when they turn on you and scream and cut you off..

Gil Garza I pray for the Holy Father and his intentions every day. That said, if any cleric were washing my daughter’s feet during a Holy Thursday liturgy and started kissing her feet, I’d kick him in the teeth.

Marianne Caporale Faraone Thank you for bringing this out in the open…I’m speechless.

Tracey Gleason Galindo “We’ve had enough of
Exhortation to be silent!
I see that the world is ROTTEN because of SILENCE.”
St Catherine of Siena

Steve and Marty Jacobson Thank you Kelly. This article will be shared broadly, especially with those who have a responsibility to stand for the truth. God Bless you my friend.

Caroline Anne he always looks so fake in his expressions… I find it difficult to look into his face

Marie Rose duty

Teresa Gee Lord, help us always to speak You truth, and to be charitable with our prayers and supplications. Praying.

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Patricia Koenig Another excellent article by Dr. Kelly Bowring! He writes and speaks calmly, clearly, and respectfully even when addressing the errors and contradictions of Francis. God bless Dr. Bowring for his courage to speak the truth and resist the pernicious errors being perpetrated against the faithful.

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Martine Bourgoin Can’t wait for the other book to come out

Carmel Scicluna HERE’S A MAN OF GOD WHO COUNTS – Dr Kelly Bowring.

Maria Felix The day that he said who am l to judge, I started doubting him. When we correct someone with the truth its not judging it’s loving that person.

Plenio Peteros Please read this quite incisive observation of the Author about Pope Francis papacy and where it is heading. A very relevant article to the catholic faithful who always equate their loyalty to the church to the pope. Every catholic has the right to resist a heretical pope according to pope – Pius IX.

Sol Pagan Santiago We have to stand up for Jesús And the Catholic Church, yes its a duty as CATHOLICS

Bob Novak In his arrogance, the False Prophet Bergoglio, who hides his true intentions quite well, is confirmed as saying in response to the letter written by 13 Cardinals who criticized the Synod process of manipulation, “Full power has been given to me, I run the show here, who do these Cardinals think they are, I will remove their Red Hats”. He, Bergoglio, truly believes he has the power of the Chair of Peter. That’s the problem with these Freemasons, they convince themselves that nothing they do is wrong, and readily use any means to achieve their goals. They have no truth in them, for they are like their father the devil, who himself believes he is right in all he does, even to his very rebellion against God Himself. “Greatest attack on My Church since My death on the Cross” “He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces” “Just as if a miracle has taken place, the false prophet will seem to rise from the dead” “This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church”

Susan Gerety Stewart We are literally watching her being gagged and bound to be burned at the stake while Bergoglio and his cohorts pour gasoline on the Latin Mass Missals and Douay Rheims Bibles. Now comes the blow torch of more lies from Bergoglio

Tracey Gleason Galindo When Jesus comes it will be Glorious! I believe Pope Francis is saying exactly what he means and knows exactly the message that is being portrayed. He has never come back and said let me explain-

Others at the Vatican have tried to do damage control and say- “what he meant to say was” or “what he really said was” or “what he meant by that was”
It reminds me of Obama’s press secretary always doing damage control for things he says.
And to you and I, because of RCIA and furthering our spirituality might know Right from Wrong teachings; But, to the Catholics that have walked away or quit practicing their faith, or other denominations, it is very very confusing.

And the Truth needs to be very clear in this day and time.
He leaves everything very vague- and up to the individual to decipher it. Even Father John tries to explain what the Pope meant or said. I have never heard the Pope say the teachings are not changing or being compromised or changed for society. I have heard him say that something’s don’t come in writing (The Bible) but from the Holy Spirit, that we should be following.
He is looked upon by every religion, and should very Clearly and Loudly Spread The Truth found in The Bible. And, it should not be from others trying to clarify his off the cuff remarks.

Ligia M. Reyes share this article.. an interesting and educated view, worthy of your time.

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Rosa Fernandes What a MESS, What a PREDICAMENT, What an IMBROGLIO has been made for over 50 years due to evil infiltration of The True Church of Christ, due to silence in the face of adversity. Is it True that there is Salvation outside of no other Church than the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of CHRIST? So many souls are at stake! This silence/evil gradual permeation of doctrine and teaching has made unbelievers of the Church who are Christians think that they are on the right path to having Eternal Salvation, they don’t understand due to apostasy…….Lord Have Mercy… Fellow Catholics time to raise your voices, time to take back the truth in all things and pray like never before

Cyndee Aranda-Mateo Good read.

Fiona Muldoon He is already a heretic. No waiting is required.

Cyndee Aranda-Mateo Agreed.

Fiona Muldoon This makes him fall from the papacy. Even the article agrees.

Cyndee Aranda-Mateo I get what you mean. Though, like many, I doubt the validity of his election in the first place. But since his “election” Francis has certainly said and done numerous things that would have repeatedly put him outside of the True Church, let alone the papacy. “Papa hereticus ipso facto depositus est” (as declared in the dogmatic council of Vatican I) is echoed by a great number of Church fathers and saints including St Alphonsus de Ligouri, St Robert Bellarmine, St Antonius, Pope Innocent III, Pope Paul IV, St Francis de Sales and many others.



Correction pape Francis : Détraction ou devoir ?
Posté le 3 février 2016 par twohearts
Par Dr Kelly Bowring

“En ce moment suprême de la nécessité de l’église,
ceux qui devraient parler se tairont”.

― Prophétie de notre Dame du bon succès
de la vénérable Mère Mariana en 1611,
parlant de “reign of Satan”
que notre dame a dit aurait lieu vers la fin des 20Th Siècle,
qui a abouti enfin avec « nuit noire » que l’Eglise va souffrir
quand il sera “n’ont pas un prélat et un père pour le guider” .

(Deux coeurs Press LLC – 3 février 2016) Comme un théologien catholique, encore une fois, je suis obligé de rappeler qu’il ressort de nombreux fidèles catholiques aujourd’hui et plus et d’autant qu’au cours des trois dernières années ont progressé, que certains des enseignements et des actions des pape Francis ont soulevé des préoccupations légitimes et sérieuses. Il est évident qu’une guerre se prépare entre vérité et mensonge, car les deux synodes passées nous ont montré que beaucoup dans les hautes sphères de l’église (Kasper, Marx, Cupich) abandonnent la foi par suite de fausses doctrines et essayant de convaincre d’autres dans les ténèbres spirituelles. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes en effet arrivés à “l’instant suprême du plus grand besoin de l’Eglise”. Et ainsi le monde catholique qui peut m’entendre aujourd’hui, je dis à vous, c’est le moment ne pas à se taisent. C’est le moment pour vous de prendre la parole !

“Devant le Christ est la seconde venue
l’église doit pass à travers un essai final
qui fera vaciller la foi de nombreux croyants …
sous forme de une tromperie religieuse
qui sera l’un des apostasie . ” ”
― C atechism de l’église catholique #675

Parle des préoccupations du pape une forme de détraction ? Vraiment! ? Non, en fait, cela ne saurait plus éloigné de la vérité. Au lieu de cela, le silence est l’ennemi ici. Le pape est un chef religieux public, s’engageant dans près de 3 ans de leadership que beaucoup croient a conduit à la confusion, erreur et division. Le pape semble être sur un parcours sans encombre à changer l’église pour toujours, celui qui peut (voulu ou non) détruire. Et quel que soit son ordre du jour, nous devons donc continuer à prêter serment d’allégeance au seul vrai parole de Dieu et maintenant prendre la parole du Christ et de ses vérités divines.

« Il y a un temps pour parler. »
― Ecclésiaste 3:7

C’est un fait établi que nous avons été préparé pour la crise actuelle dans l’église par une grande quantité de solide et approuvé par église révélation (privée) (à partir de Dieu lui-même) fournissant les déclarations et les mises en garde fidèles pour être alerte qu’une telle situation se développerait dans notre époque. Ainsi, dans cet esprit, laissez la foi (en la révélation privée) et raison (concernant l’ordre du jour du Pape) remuer nous de prendre la parole. Promesses et les prophéties de Dieu ne mentent pas, et nous pouvons voir que le grand schisme est à l’horizon, tout comme la prophétie prévenu. Nous nous approchons d’un moment où certains dans le Saint-Siège commencent à suivre une doctrine édulcorée qui est dépourvu de l’esprit de Dieu. Et nous devons commencer à alerter d’autres maintenant, pour parler maintenant vers le haut de nos préoccupations. Nous devons parler !

“Si je devais garder le silence,
Je serais coupable de complicité. »
― Albert Einstein

Donc, pour se lever et parler une préoccupation réelle de ce que dit le pape et la pratique (et ceux dont il fait la promotion) c’est troublant nous est non seulement justifiée, mais dans certains cas peut être obligatoire, selon notre état de vie. Parents doivent parler à leurs enfants, les commentateurs catholiques à leurs fidèles de médias sociaux, les théologiens à leurs élèves, les prêtres à leurs paroissiens, les évêques à leurs ouailles… et chacun d’entre nous ouvertement au pape. Certains ont même un devoir de le faire à ce stade.

Et donc nous taire à Pape Francis et offrons des éclaircissements au monde que, chez certains de nos préoccupations sont :
•Nous allons pas et ne pouvons pas soutenir une approche “Qui suis-je pour juger” à l’homosexualité… mais au lieu de proclamer la vérité divine que tous les penchants homosexuels sont objectivement désordonnées et tous les actes homosexuels (et tous les actes sexuels en dehors de ceux entre mari et femme) sont toujours, partout et pour tout le monde est un péché mortel.
•Nous allons pas et ne pouvons pas soutenir donnant l’Eucharistie aux divorcés/civilement remarrieds ou aux luthériens, comme le fait actuellement la promotion… mais au lieu de proclamer la vérité divine que l’Eucharistie est réservée à ceux qui sont dans l’état de grâce et ont une décision juste en pleine communion avec le Christ et son église.
•Nous allons pas et ne pouvons pas soutenir la célébration de l’anniversaire des 500 ans de Martin Luther et la Fondation du protestantisme… mais au lieu de proclamer la vérité divine que Dieu veut tout pour entrer en pleine communion avec son église, qui subsiste seul pleinement dans l’église catholique, jusqu’à la fin des temps. Nous ne pouvons pas agir comme si toutes les religions et confessions sont égale, comme certains semblent faire la promotion. Le pape Léon XIII met en garde: « la tolérance égale de toutes les religions est identique à l’athéisme. » Alors que nous soutenons à tendre la main à nos frères protestants dans les efforts œcuméniques valides et authentiques, nous devons garder à l’esprit que Luther fonde une hérésie opposée à la foi catholique et s’oppose à la papauté, et nous sommes préoccupés par les catholiques célèbrent cet événement commémoratif de tout.

“Tout comme il est licite de résister au souverain pontife qui attaque le corps,
aussi est-il licite de résister à lui
qui attaque les âmes ou détruit l’ordre civil ou, surtout,
tente de détruire l’église.
Je dis qu’ il est licite de résister à lui
en ne faisant pas ce qu’il commande
et en faisant obstacle à l’exécution de sa volonté. »
― St. Robert Bellermine

Les catholiques doivent comprendre qu’il n’y a aucune loi de canon d’église qui nous interdit de parler de nos soucis, même en ce qui concerne le pape vers le haut. En revanche, la situation actuelle à Rome aujourd’hui déjà menace la vie de foi et la grâce des membres de l’église. Il est temps de prendre la parole! Nous devons réaliser que les âmes sont en jeu, non seulement par le double langage apparente du pape, mais aussi en raison du silence de ceux qui doivent prendre la parole, mais qui sont, dès à présent, faute de quoi.

“Le silence face au mal est elle-même mal :
Dieu ne nous tiendra pas innocents.
Sans parler, c’est parler.
Pour ne pas agir est d’agir. »
― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A quel point le péché d’omission automne sur ceux qui ne sont pas parler qui devrait être, en particulier quand, foi et raison droite montre si clairement de la preuve et la gravité de cette situation et le danger qu’il impose très probablement sur le bien et le salut des âmes.

“Si cependant, Dieu en vue de permettre un pape pour devenir
un notoirement et contumace hérétique,
Il serait de ce fait cesser d’être pape,
et la Chaire apostolique serait vacante.”
― Saint Alphonse de Liguori, docteur église

Certes, restant calme est mieux que parole irrationnelle et trompeuse louange sur le pape, à ce stade, que certains font encore d’une manière qui ajoute à la confusion. Tout à fait troublants aux dirigeants de l’église orthodoxe qui devraient prendre la parole vers le haut, mais qui sont non seulement leur silence, mais qui sont en fait toujours inconditionnellement et publiquement faisant l’éloge du pape, surtout quand la confusion qu’il est à l’origine ou autorisant est connu et devenant de plus en plus indirects. Cependant, d’autres commencent à voir qu’ils ont le devoir de prendre la parole, surtout s’ils ont une position qui influe sur le bien des âmes et le bien du Pape lui-même.

“J’ai vu aussi la relation
entre les deux papes…
J’ai vu que l’église de Pierre (vrai) a été compromise
par un plan a évolué par la secte secrète…
qui a construit une église (fausse) grande, singulier, extravagante
quel embrassé toutes les croyances avec les mêmes droits…
la nouvelle église romaine hétérodoxe».
― Anne Catherine Emmerich béni

Pour élever nos préoccupations aujourd’hui est de soutenir la papauté et le Magistère de l’église, même si certains nous accusent du contraire. Selon le Cardinal Burke dans une récente interview, “Vous avez une situation ridicule de quelqu’un qui défend tout simplement ce que l’Eglise a toujours enseigné et pratiqué étant accusée d’être schismatique ou contraire au Pontife romain (vrai),” a dit Cardinal Burke à un moment donné. « Mais c’est tout le travail du diable, et il faut le reconnaître pour tel. » (15/01/16 entretien avec Teresa Tomeo)

“La seule chose nécessaire au triomphe du mal est
pour les hommes bons de ne rien faire. »
― Edmund Burke

Restant fidèle et obéissant, Oui, mais calme et craintif, aucun! À quel moment on déterminera que nous devons parler, comme les âmes sont en jeu ?

“Au moment de cette tribulation un homme,
pas (authentique) canoniquement élu,
passera au pontificat,
qui, par sa ruse,
s’efforcera d’attirer bon nombre dans erreur …
Car en ce temps-là, Jésus Christ sera
leur envoyer pas un vrai Pasteur, mais un destroyer ” .
― St. Francis d’Assisi

Laisser la direction de l’un du premier guide d’évêques de l’Église nous à élever notre voix d’inquiétude et même peut-être un jour dois corriger le pape :

Pour plusieurs générations passées jusqu’à nos jours, il règne dans la vie de l’église une sorte de « pape-centrisme » ou une sorte de « papolatria » qui est sans doute excessif par rapport à la vision modérée et surnaturelle de la personne du pape et sa vénération due dans les temps passés. Une telle attitude excessive envers la personne du pape génère dans la pratique une signification théologique excessive et mal concernant le dogme de l’infaillibilité papale.

Si le pape disait toute l’Eglise de faire quelque chose, qui serait directement endommager une vérité Divine immuable ou un commandement divin, le que tout catholique aurait le droit de corriger à lui dans une bonne et due forme respectueuse, les sortis de respect et d’amour pour le bureau sacré et la personne du pape…

Je pense qu’à une époque où une grande partie des titulaires de l’office du Magistère sont négligents dans leur devoir sacré, le Saint-Esprit appelle aujourd’hui, à savoir les fidèles, pour engouffrer dans la brèche et défendre courageusement la foi catholique…

L’Eglise n’est pas nôtre, ni du pape… L’église, notre mère, est lié en cordons non seulement par les ennemis du Christ, mais aussi par certains de leurs collaborateurs dans le rang du clergé, même parfois le haut clergé… Comme les soldats courageux, nous devons essayer de libérer cette mère – avec les armes spirituelles de défendre et de proclamer la vérité. (Évêque Athanasius Schneider, 01/02/16 interview de Rorate Caeli)

« Le Saint-Esprit appelle les fidèles aujourd’hui
s’engouffrer dans la brèche
« et défendre courageusement la foi catholique ».
― L’évêque Athanasius Schneider (2016)

À ce stade, je suis seulement en encourageant les catholiques d’exprimer leurs préoccupations sur les actions du pape qui sont à l’origine ou permettant à confusion, mais une fois peut très bien arriver quand nous serons obligés de réellement corriger le pape ou même opposent à lui, comme quand il disait à l’église entière de faire quelque chose qui nuirait directement une vérité Divine immuable ou un commandement divin. Pour même un pape peut tomber dans l’hérésie, invalidant ainsi son pontificat. Si cela se produit, il mériterait notre critique pure et simple et rejet, devenir un ennemi de Dieu et son église. Si et lorsque cela produit, Saint Francis de Sales, docteur de l’église, dans son Introduction à la vie dévote, conseille : “les ennemis déclarés de Dieu et son église, les hérétiques et les schismatiques, doit être critiqué autant que possible, aussi longtemps que la vérité n’est pas niée. C’est une œuvre de charité à crier: « Voici le loup! » lorsqu’il entre dans le troupeau ou nulle part ailleurs. ”

« Voici le loup! »
― Saint Francis de Sales

Dans l’intervalle, nous à juste titre paraît craindre maintenant notre bon et nécessaire. Le pape et les fidèles catholiques au sens large, bénéficiera certainement d’entendre nos préoccupations explicites et légitimes. Pour certains d’entre nous, il peut même être notre devoir-pour le bien du pape et pour le bien de l’église. Donc, ne tombez pas silencieux ! Pour l’amour de Dieu et son Eglise, que ceux qui doivent parler, parler maintenant !

“Si toute autorité, même la plus haute autorité,
ont été de nier la vérité [l’Église] ou d’agir contrairement à elle,
Je serais obligé de résister à.»
― Cardinal Raymond Burke (2015)


Dr. Kelly Bowring est un théologien catholique en bonne et due forme qui reçoit son doctorat pontifical en théologie à Rome et est l’ancien doyen de la Graduate School of Theology catholique. Il est l’auteur de trois ouvrages sur la prophétie catholique moderne et sur les signes des temps, publiées par deux cœurs Press LLC (

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