Catholic News: Theologian Becomes Spokesperson for the Virgin Mary

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Since he wrote his best-selling new book on Biblical and Marian prophecy, Dr. Kelly Bowring has become a prominent and popular spokesperson for the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially concerning her urgent messages from Heaven for the world today. (Press Release) – Dr. Kelly Bowring has had a distinguished but relatively quiet career as a theologian, that is, until now. In the past decade, he has been associated as a student, professor, and dean with renowned universities like Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ave Maria University, Southern Catholic College, and now St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. “My theological work and years of classroom teaching have prepared me well for this latest endeavor telling the world about the great news of modern Marian prophecy,” says Dr. Bowring ( He says his life changed overnight when he felt “called” to write a book on the modern heavenly messages of the Blessed Mother. His book, “The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph”, published by Two Hearts Press, LLC (, would go on to receive the imprimatur (an official recognition from the Church) from Cardinal Vidal, become the best-selling and most regarded book on Mary in recent years, and launch him onto the international speaking circuit…

Through his thorough and widespread research, Dr. Bowring reports that Jesus has been sending His Mother to open the Book of Revelation, and to announce the time of its fulfillment is at hand. He discusses how Mary is being sent by God — to both warn us about immanent apocalyptic events and to call us to respond with genuine conversion while there is still time. “Our Lady has been sent to give us the divine interpretation of the prophecies of the Bible about the latter times, which she says are on the brink of unfolding,” says Dr. Bowring.  “She is coming to call humanity in our unhappy times to peace… The Virgin of Revelation (Rev. 12) is asking us to put our trust in her Son, Jesus, in these evil times and to listen to her as our loving Mother sent by God to help us to prepare for the era of peace.”

As Dr. Bowring was writing his book, he discovered that there was a great deal of credible and Church-recognized information that is coming from Heaven through the Blessed Mother in our times, about our times, and for our times, and like no other time in history. He also discovered a symmetry and unity among all the various credible Marian messages that have been reported around the world in our times, including through apparitions at Quito (Our Lady of Good Success), La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal (, Akita, Amsterdam (Our Lady of All Nations), Rome City (Our Lady of America), Cuenca, and Medjugorje (, as well as through mystics like Bl. Anna Maria Taigi, Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Anne the lay apostle, and Fr. Gobbi. Professor Bowring noticed that everywhere Our Lady has been appearing in the world today, like with Jesus in his teachings of two thousand years ago, there have also been miracles occurring. Dr. Bowring concludes these signs are some of the “good fruits” and proofs being given by God to help validate the messages that Our Lady is giving us for our times.

Mary is coming to announce, not the end of the world, as Bowring clarifies, but a new era for humanity. This new era will come after the final victory of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary in this great battle over evil and sin, which dominates in the world today like never before. Dr. Bowring explains in his talks: “In these troubling times, Heaven is telling us that we are about to experience 1) an unfathomable gift of God’s mercy through a great global Warning that will awaken the consciences of all peoples at once; followed shortly thereafter by 2) a sign of God’s love through a great and permanent Miracle which will occur at some of the places of recent Marian apparitions; and then afterward will come 3) God’s justice through a series of conditional Chastisements. After this period of purification and the Great Tribulation, which will serve to cleanse the world and prepare it for the great renewal, there will be granted to all humanity (that survives) a great new day. It will be at this time that the whole world will change to live together in charity and in union with God and His Divine Will. Thus the ‘1000 years’ of global peace will begin… And Heaven is telling us through the Blessed Mother that this is all going to happen in our lifetime, and that we should prepare right now.”

Are you interested in hearing more about the heavenly messages of our times? Dr. Bowring has made himself available to speak and offer book signings. To see Dr. Bowring’s current speaking engagements, to contact him for a speaking engagement, or to order his best-selling book, go to

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