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The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph
Ranked “#1 Best Seller in Inspirational Catholicism” (June 2013)

Why is the world in so much turmoil today?

What is going to happen in the near future?

What is Heaven saying to us about our times?

Dr. Bowring’s best-selling new book explains the big picture of the prophetic times in which we live and the apocalyptic times to come in the near future. An easily readable, well-researched, and inspiring book about the heavenly plan to bring peace to the world, this book uses solid sources like the Bible, Church teachings, and credible heavenly prophecies. As you turn each page with increasing hope, you will experience greater insight into God’s urgent plan to bring us His message about our times and His call for conversion to humanity while there is still time. You will find yourself referring to this book time and time again.

This book is also available in Spanish, French, Polish, and Slovenian. Imprimatur by Cardinal Vidal.


May This Book Reach As Many People As Possible!
– Rev. Fr. Vincent Balili, Secretary of Cardinal Vidal

I recommend you get this book and read it. I would even go so far as to say I implore you to read it.
– Jerry Morin, Director, Servants to the World

– Donald Riemer, Coordinator, Perpetual Adoration, St. Mary’s Church, Milwaukee, WI

A Book That You Will Read More Than Once – You have my word!
I COULD NOT put it down. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor and get this book. I promise you will not be disappointed.

– Fr. Neil Buchlein, Pastor of Ascension Church in Hurricane, W. Virginia, and host of a Marian Internet blog

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Radio Interviews of Dr. Bowring

April 9th, 2014 by


Pope Francis Makes Act of Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima

October 13th, 2013 by

The Pope celebrated Mass in St Peter’s Square on October 13 2013 in honor of the Marian Day, an event organized as part of the Year of Faith on the anniversary of the final apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary … Continue reading

Garabandal Prophecies Being Fulfilled TODAY?

March 29th, 2013 by

“Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are following the road to perdition.” (from the second heavenly message of the reported apparitions of Garabandal, 1965) +++

Catholic News: Theologian Becomes Spokesperson for the Virgin Mary

January 28th, 2013 by

Since he wrote his best-selling new book on Biblical and Marian prophecy, Dr. Kelly Bowring has become a prominent and popular spokesperson for the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially concerning her urgent messages from Heaven for the world today. (Press … Continue reading

Vatican Commission Will Decide in Favor of Medjugorje

September 4th, 2012 by  

Proclaim and Spread this Heavenly Message NOW!

May 13th, 2012 by

“YOU must proclaim and spread this motherly, anxious, and urgent message of mine… I have need that this urgent message of mine immediately reach every part of the earth. YOU must be my messengers… Now YOU must be the apostles … Continue reading

Download 1-Page Flyer of Book for Distribution

January 4th, 2012 by

Secrets, Chastisement, Triumph Flyer

Table of Contents & Excerpt from Book

February 16th, 2011 by

The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph Of the Two Hearts of Jesus & Mary ­­­­­­­­­­And What Heaven Is Calling Us to Do   +++ Kelly Bowring Two Hearts Press, LLC Nihil Obstat: Msgr. Adelito A. Abella, Archdiocesan Censor Imprimatur: Ricardo … Continue reading

Book Reviews

February 9th, 2011 by

Church Recognition: His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, while Archbishop of Cebu, Philippines, granted the Church’s Imprimatur, rarely given to books on prophecy, to this book. As an expert on Marian teaching and prophecy in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Vidal … Continue reading

Video Presentation about the Book by Author

February 9th, 2011 by

See a presentation by Dr. Bowring related to the book. Click here to visit the Family Holiness webpage. Once there, please click on the link for Family Fest #1 Talks, and then scroll to the bottom to see Dr. Bowring’s … Continue reading

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Hospitallers of Peace: Apostles of the Latter Times

About the Author



Dr. Kelly Bowring is a Catholic theologian and popular Catholic speaker, who received his doctorate from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome); his licentiate from the Dominican House and the John Paul II Institute (Washington DC) while working at the US Bishops Office; and his masters from Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio). He has the Church’s mandatum to teach theology.

Dr. Bowring has been a dean, chair, and professor of theology at the Graduate School of Theology at St. Charles Seminary, Southern Catholic College, and St. Mary’s College of Ave Maria University.

Known for his dynamic yet understandable teaching style, his books and presentations are sure to please any audience.

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