The Ten Secrets of Medjugorje

Our Lady has given ten secrets to three of the visionaries, and those visionaries no longer see her daily. These secrets concern future events and will be revealed to the world three days before each occurs. The other three visionaries, as of January 2013, have received nine secrets and continue to see her and speak with her daily. When they have received the tenth secret, then the apparitions will finally end, and the secrets will begin to occur, one after the other. Our Lady is trying to prepare us with her heavenly presence and her motherly messages of love and peace.

The visionaries will share each secret to a priest of their choice ten days before it will happen. The priest will reveal the contents of the secret to the world three days before it will happen.  As a result, many millions of people will know of each future event before it occurs. These pre-announced events will confirm that the apparitions are true and that Mary, Jesus’ Mother, has been speaking to the world.

We must listen to her urgent words and return to a path leading to God before it is too late. This book provides all the messages to date of Our Lady of Medjugorje, and presents them not in chronological or random order, but thematically so that you can read what Heaven is saying about various specific themes, all in one place.

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