Open Letter to Pope Francis: Are You Planning to Redefine Church Doctrine?

Listen to Dr. Bowring read a summary of his open letter to Pope Francis in this youtube video, POSTED 5 DAYS BEFORE THE 2014 FAMILY SYNOD BEGAN:

Video with Spanish (español) translation here.

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Here is the full-length letter:

Open Letter to Pope Francis: Are You About to Redefine Church Doctrine?

October 1, 2014 ( By Dr. Kelly Bowring, Author of best-sellers “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph” and “The Signs of the Times”.

Dear Pope Francis,

As a Catholic theologian, the Church teaches that I am permitted to raise questions regarding the content of your interventions (On the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian 24). Thus, I would like to do so in this open letter.

Since becoming Pope, many of your actions and statements have raised concerns among not a few Catholic Cardinals. I too have raised some issues previously, particularly about how your words and actions seem to fulfill the credible Catholic prophecies of our times. The center of the growing concern is focused on what seems to be your intentions to change or alter Catholic doctrine and to possibly make pastoral concessions in regard to the doctrinal teaching of faith and morals.

Just Raising Questions

I begin by asking whether Benedict XVI was referring to you and your cohort when he famously stated at the beginning of his pontificate: “Pray that I don’t flee for fear of the wolves”? Are you planning to mislead many, by first focusing on the family (changing the meaning of marriage, compromising sexual morality and life issues), as it is the foundation of society and the domestic church? Why have you been deemphasizing the doctrines of homosexuality, cohabitation, abortion, and contraception? Why are you strategically placing Church leaders in key places that promote doctrinal compromise and change, and thus are already causing confusion? Are you about to direct the Catholic Church to make a number of alarming statements, regarding why it has to change and amend various parts of its structure and beliefs? Why does it seem the changing laws in our countries are being instigated in unison with the changes being proposed in our churches, with both sets of new laws blending together, to redefine and welcome every kind of sin?

Could This Become A Question of Papal Validity?

It is objectively impossible to change, dismiss, or compromise even one doctrine of the Faith. As I have discussed in another article, the Church teaches that even a pope can enter into personal heresy if he refuses to believe in even one doctrine, and if so, he de facto invalidates himself as Pope. (Here is another good article that discusses whether the Church can depose a heretical Pope). Is there a single doctrine of the Faith that you refuse to believe in? Or are trying to change? Or will in fact soon change?

St. Thomas Aquinas confirms that any member of the Church who obstinately disbelieves even one doctrine of Faith loses all the grace of theological faith; and thus willfully maintaining only a kind of opinion in accordance with his own will, makes himself a heretic. It becomes more a matter of scandal when Church leaders treat doctrine as if it were not doctrine, claim a doctrine has been hitherto controverted, and then make efforts to redefine it by treating it as an open matter of questions of opinions or of discussion among experts. This is at its core the work of deception. Further concern occurs when members of the Church’s hierarchy say they do not intend to change a Church’s doctrine, while they then set out to make seemingly merciful but in reality damning pastoral concessions with the secretly intended effect of making a doctrine obsolete.

You Cannot Change Any Doctrine in the Catechism

While all the doctrines in the Catechism are not infallibly defined, the Catechism teaches only truth, the truth that was “once for all entrusted to the saints” (Jude 3). Significantly altering any teaching in the Catechism, which is the Source of sacred doctrine, “the sure and authentic reference text for teaching Catholic doctrine” (FD 3), which without error “synthesizes normatively the totality of the Catholic faith” (GDC 120) and the “fundamental salvific truths” of the Faith (GDC 124), leads objectively to heresy and apostasy. Whether you change a doctrine or simply sanction breaking it in the name of making a pastoral concession (for no matter how seemingly noble a reason) or simply replace it with new laws of tolerance, all of this would amount to heresy. Changing Church doctrine even under the guise of pastoral innovation does not validate the change. Today there is a widespread radical liberalism of misguided compassion, false mercy, and excessive tolerance in the name of being pastoral and up-to-date. But only what is pastorally true can be truly pastoral. Mercy can never be cited as an alternative or counter to doctrine. Doctrinal truth cannot be adapted to the believer and age, but the believer and age must be invited to adapt to doctrinal truth. A new or revised Church teaching or allowance that overrides or changes any article of Faith, or even gives it a different interpretation from the traditional and true one, would necessarily be heretical. Is this what you are planning?

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and there is no salvation through anyone else. He is the fullness of all divine Revelation, which subsists fully only in the Catholic Church. The Catholic faithful must believe as true all Church doctrine. This faith “is necessary for salvation” (CCC 183) for those who are aware of it. And while the pope “has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church” (CCC 882), this applies only when he is and remains valid. Your office as pope commissions you to dutifully safeguard and authentically interpret the doctrines entrusted to the Church’s authentic Magisterium by our divine Redeemer (Matthew 16:18, 18:18), but which are not for you as an individual to subject to the play of power and agenda. And while the Church’s teaching on the ‘development of doctrine’ allows genuine progress in articulation and understanding of Revelation, it never sanctions changing, abandoning, or rejecting any Church doctrine.

The Word, as given to us in Scripture (the Bible) and Tradition (the Catechism), cannot be changed. The whole divine truth of the Faith, handed down to us in the form of sacred doctrine, is “wisdom above all human wisdom” and only understood and accepted through a profound and authentic “fear of the Lord”. It is the duty of the Church’s hierarchy to call the faithful to an “obedience of faith” to the whole truth of sacred doctrine in Scripture and Tradition with a freedom of conscience that is never freedom ‘from’ the truth but always and only freedom ‘in’ the truth. And all work of genuine plurality must safeguard the unity of the faith in its doctrinal integrity.

Instead of calling humanity to conversion to Christ and the truth of doctrine while fulfilling Christ’s great commission to “go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all the truths” for conversion through Baptism, some see your approach is that of seeking to adapt and compromise doctrine to current trends in secular thinking and behavior and bend it to accommodate other religious orientations. Pope Francis, we must hold fast to what has been entrusted to us by Christ and His Apostles, that is, the whole deposit of faith found in sacred doctrine (1 Tim 6:20). We are called to let the supernatural truth of Christ speak for itself, for “what makes us believe (doctrine) is not the fact that revealed truths appear as true and intelligible in the light of our natural reason (especially from within the context of a morally corrupt society), we believe because of the authority of God himself who reveals them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived” (CCC 156). But while God cannot deceive, a pope can, especially with a deceptive badge of (false) humility and (false) love for humanity that is displayed and not genuinely practiced. Some have expressed concerns about your true intentions in this regard.

To reiterate my main point – Pope Francis, you may not change, alter, or dismiss even one doctrine without dismantling the whole deposit of Faith itself. “For whoever keeps the whole law, but fails in one particular point, has become guilty in respect to all of it” (James 2:10). Even if only the smallest and most insignificant doctrine is (at first) rejected, compromised or changed, then the whole of God’s truth is compromised. Pope Francis, you may update or change Church traditions, as many in the hierarchy have done validly, but you cannot change the Church’s doctrine, not even one iota, not even regarding the least significant doctrine (e.g., communion for the remarried, a Church blessing for same-sex couples, changing the meaning of the Holy Eucharist), without de facto invalidating your pontificate. For a Church leader to allow any substantial pastoral change to a doctrine would be impossible because it would necessarily make such revised pastoral accommodation incompatible with doctrine, which again is akin to heresy and apostasy. Make a compromise with even one Catholic doctrine and you open Pandora’s box in effect delegitimizing all Catholic doctrine.

Are You Leading the Church Toward the Great Apostasy and Schism?

Pope Francis, are you organizing a new evangelical movement, which will be announced in stages and with a strategy of gradualness, so as to avoid creating too many questions, but which will be received as a breath of fresh air by many? Are you forming a false ecumenical fellowship as part of a newly renovated church, seeking to unite the churches of the world in a New World Church, which will lead to new rituals and abominations? The Church cannot be made to suit the modern world, nor can her doctrine be changed to become inclusive, in order to suit other denominations and religions and fashions.

And no matter what other good you do, no matter what other humanitarian engagement you promote, or popularity contest you win, if you lead the faithful astray, you will be nothing more than a false pope. Just like all of us, you have two choices – to remain loyal to the Truth of Christ or embrace lies as a substitute for it, which is heresy, and spread those lies through deceit and cunning apostasy, thus dividing the Church into schism.

Pope Francis, whatever your plans, the fact is that it seems to many that you are already adding to the spiritual confusion of our times. Your focus seems to be more on man than on God, on pleasing or impressing man more than God, on seemingly helping man in his sin more than on rightfully serving and obeying God in His Commandments. If this is so, then where are you going with this? And where are you taking the Church?

Is the False Prophet Among Us?

Pope Francis, there are many biblical teachings and prophecies about the false prophet, some of which you seem to be fulfilling. Why are you vigorously supporting dissenting bishops who are proposing heretical pastoral concessions and in effect seeking to tamper with sacred doctrine, while you are ruthlessly dismissing, demoting or disempowering other Bishops who are known to be faithful to doctrine? Why do you offer tremendous pastoral sensitivity to people who don’t even want to practice the Faith and are bent on offending it, while you have directed massive antagonism towards those who do? Why does it seem more and more to some that a diabolical though intentionally nebulous disorientation of the Church’s doctrine is afoot under your leadership?

The Bible warns of false teachers who lead God’s people astray with their lies and their recklessness. St. Jude says they will pervert the grace of our God into licentiousness. Our Lord too repeatedly warned about the false teachers who will lead many to spiritual ruin. Jesus tells the parable about the weeds and the wheat, whereby the cockle-seeds of false doctrine so resemble the wheat that even farmers (theologians/apologists/bishops) have difficulty distinguishing them, for the devil likes to mask falsehood with truth, to use virtue to justify vice, and twist doctrine to justify heresy so that even the faithful are deceived. Jesus indeed warned to beware of false prophets, who come to us in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. And St. Paul declares about such villains: “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that of Christ, let him be accursed.”

Pope Francis, are you the wolf in shepherd’s clothing that Catholic prophecy has warned us about? Are you the prophesied false prophet of lies and deception who will lead the Church into schism? Are you the anti-John the Baptist and precursor of the antichrist who will rule over the world? Will you soon be at death’s door, as the Book of Revelation prophesizes, only then, just as if a miracle has taken place, seem to have risen from the dead?

Two sources of approved private revelation are particularly worth considering here. First at La Salette, Our Lady warned that Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist, the Church will be eclipsed, and we won’t know who the true pope is. And second at Akita, Our Lady warned that the deceit of Satan will infiltrate into the Church to such an extent that we will see (good) Cardinals divided against (bad) Cardinals where the Church will be caught up in a revolution. And there are many other credible Catholic prophecies that give insight, warning, and direction about our times, ones that every Catholic should be aware of. They tell us that a Church leader is coming and that through him the world will be deceived by his many acts deemed to be works of great charity, but done behind an exterior false façade of humility and sweet words presented with a wonderful and loving external charisma. By his teachings, he will encourage humanity to an exalted humanism in place of God.

It is quite possible for a master deceiver to fool the Catholic faithful: Fr. Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, with his seeming orthodoxy, humility and displayed holiness, successfully deceived even a pope saint (St. John Paul). The Catechism even states that in the latter times a great part of the faithful will be misled, specifically through a religious deception. Pope Francis, are you an imposter who will compromise the Church’s doctrine, proudly proclaim your solution to unite all churches as one, and lead the Catholic Church into schism? Will you be applauded by the secular world and hailed as a modern innovator because you condone sin? Will you soon hold a referendum that will adapt the Laws of the Church and condone new practices of sin sympathetic to twisted human rights and then force a new oath pledge upon the Church to this new false doctrine? Are you going to make a mockery of Catholic faith and morals in the name of changing discipline, pastoral action, and popular vote and follow through with the agenda to make supreme the place of individual conscience over Catholic doctrine?

In our times more than ever, Satan wants to cause great spiritual damage to humanity through deception. We know that the false prophet will be masquerading as a friend to Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims. Instead, he is the false one who has entered the house of God to deceive and destroy souls through what will be the greatest religious deception in history.

Pope Francis, if you are the false prophet, seeking to steal souls through deceit, then you will lose. The Book of Revelation says that both the false prophet and the antichrist will be thrown into the lake of fire where they will suffer forever. “Evil may have its hour, but God will have His day” (Ven. Fulton Sheen). Much of what will happen to the Church in these times has been foretold, and we know that God will allow these abominations for a good reason. The Church, like Christ, will suffer her passion, crucifixion and death, only then to enter her resurrection into the new Era of Peace (Fatima). And we know there will be no defeat for the faithful, who will stand firm in the Faith and uphold the Truth – the Word of God – even in the face of adversity, heresy, apostasy, and schism. Pope Francis, to whatever defense you may have or make about the questions I have raised, time will tell the truth of things.

To the Catholic Faithful

To the Catholic faithful I say this: We live in dark and dangerous times, where our faith and morals are being attacked and repressed on all sides, most sinisterly from within the Church herself. St. Paul warned in his first letter to Timothy “that in the latter times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and (false) doctrines of demons through the pretensions of liars” (1 Timothy 4:1). You must now be alert to the signs of the times that were prophesied in Scripture, including in the Book of Revelation, and in credible Marian and modern prophecy. Solid Catholic prophecy indicates the time of the great battle foretold in Scripture to take place in the latter times is in fact upon us today. No matter what is to come, Jesus’ Catholic Church will remain intact, though a remnant. Jesus promised that the Truth could never change or be defeated. Those who separate themselves from the Church in these times by compromising doctrine, even if following a pope, will no longer be united to the true Church.

Pray for the grace to discern the Truth. The victory is the Lord’s. All you need to do is trust in the Truth, so that you can avoid the traps which may be laid down to steal your souls. Do not allow a false doctrine to be imposed on you, even if you are (wrongly) accused of lack of tolerance, lack of compassion, lack of love, lack of respect for human rights, and for being unjustifiably judgmental. May Jesus open your eyes to any possible deceit that is at hand or to lies that may be presented with half-truth, with double-talk; and may the Lord not allow any false leader to divide the Church. Pray for the grace of discernment, so that you will never deny the Truth. Be firm in your belief in the divine Word, the Church’s Teachings, and the Sacraments. No matter how much Jesus’ Church is attacked, God will never permit it to be destroyed (St. John Bosco’s famous dream of the war within the Barque of Peter comes to mind here). There may be a devious plan unfolding to mislead you into the great apostasy, the first seal of the Book of Revelation, and it will be the greatest deceit in history; so examine everything you are told from this point forward, even by Pope Francis. For man can never live on bread alone, but only on the true Word of God. To deny or abandon even one doctrine of Faith is to deny and abandon Christ Himself, as Judas did. The faithful must be alert to any possible agenda to alter or dismiss doctrine to the whims of modernity and relativism.

To the Catholic faithful and people of good will, I declare, vigilance is now required! Do not allow lies from any Church source to deceive you, and do not wrongly maintain misguided loyalties. Follow the Word of God as it was laid down from the beginning. Do not fall for the false, charitable appeals being made for the rights of those who seek acceptance for their own sinful lives, while they defy the Laws of God and now may soon receive Church sanction to continue doing so. And know this: if the pope takes the Church into heresy, the doctrines of the Church will remain true. And how can the faithful tell what is what – if any new teachings claim that Jesus condones sin, then you will know this is a lie. The truth is that Jesus always and clearly detests all sin, unequivocally, though loves the sinner. And Jesus would never compromise His truth!

In Closing

Pope Francis, if you intend to accommodate any doctrine of faith to today’s profane and secular world or even to de-emphasize a certain doctrine such as to produce a new tolerance to sin, the Church will not join you, nor the faithful concede. For such apostasy would invalidate your pontificate. I instead invoke you to take up your true calling to more actively safeguard and clearly promote sacred doctrine and with it to form evangelizers who are authentic living witnesses of the Faith to form the saints of the third Christian millennium. At this time, I only encourage all Catholics to love and obey you, Pope Francis, and in all matters of the true Faith; but I also encourage the faithful to become more aware and alert to the signs of the times. Pope Francis, if you should still yet decide to allow any change in doctrine, then the Church’s legitimate hierarchy will make the faithful aware of such matters clearly at that time and how we should best respond in good faith. Otherwise, only love, obedience, and prayers for you Pope Francis, while remaining rightly alert and vigilant as to the prophetic signs of the times at hand.

Sincerely in Christ,

Kelly Bowring


Dr. Kelly Bowring wrote his doctoral dissertation on the nature and meaning of “sacred doctrine” within the teachings of the Church, which was later published as “To Hold and Teach the Catholic Faith” (St. Paul’s/Alba House). He has also written two recent best-selling books on biblical, Marian, and modern prophecy: “The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph” with imprimatur by Cardinal Vidal and “The Signs of the Times” (Two Hearts Press LLC,


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Paul Joseph C – Great gift from Heaven ~ I bought Kelly Bowring’s “The Signs of the Times” new book a few months ago. I recommend it to all those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of prophecies while living through these dark times of confusion.

Paul Joseph C – THIS IS A HISTORIC MOMENT – Internationally renown Dr. Kelly Bowring remains among the most accurate and well prepared theologians in the field of Eschatology. Through a long process involving a continuous prayerful life, a deep theological knowledge, a meticulous observation of past and current events, and a wide investigation of present and past prophecies, Dr. Kelly Bowring connects the ‘dots’ and brings alive a picture of astounding rigorousness.

Today is an important day. This renown theologian of the Catholic and Apostolic Church launches a challenge to the Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis I. Please, watch this video, as it is among the very first trumpets to open the last season of the End Times.

Patricia Koenig – Wow, wow, wow! Clear, precise, calm, orderly and detailed theological analysis of the doctrinal maneuverings of Francis the First. An alert to the Faithful to watch carefully and follow Catholic Doctrine; and not follow any new anti-doctrines. God bless Dr. Kelly Bowring PhD for his honest, charitable, and theologically sound open letter.

Marjorie Eileen Reilly Smith – Kelly, you are a great Warrior for the Truth for the Roman Catholic Church. I honor your courage when others are silent. Being out on the point can be lonesome and certainly make you a target. Someone with authority must stand up and speak the truth so others might see it for what it is. I for one am grateful for your vigilance. Remember when you get attacked what a gentleman said to me when I ran ads on television showing the very bloody pictures of the victims of abortion… if your not getting flack, your not over the target! You are right over the target!

Darryl John Snider – I wish to communicate my deep gratitude and respect for your letter to Francis. You have just established yourself as a preeminent theologian of the Church’s third millennium! WOW! Holy Mother Church applauds you for your sound and faithful letter written as only you could have.

I can’t express how happy I am about what you wrote with all of the new world order realities and awful truths the world and Catholics will be forced to accept since it will be immense. What you did in this letter has given me the fortitude to witness as the world prepares for the antichrist and the roll out of the mark.

Larry Wolfe – Dr., thank you so much… I’m in tears of gratitude to you and mainly to Jesus for leading you and guiding you to His Truth. I am in tears writing you with so much joy and thankfulness inside. Thank you so much… God Bless you so much… I’m a nobody and very few in the grand scheme of things listen or believe me but I know they will not be able to deny you a Catholic Theologian. You love God and Jesus and our Faith like I do… Bless your heart… Our Mother is holding your hand and Our Lord has His arms around you. Thank you for being brave and honest and a man of God. God Bless you for all eternity Kelly.

Michelle Linn Fallon – Well said. I join my prayers with yours.

Brenda Sutherland – Wow, very brave man, I can’t wait to see if pope Francis responds!!!!

Rebecca Leatherdale – Thank you Kelly Bowring!!!!

Jean Marc Basque – Our prayers are with you!

Teresa Suer Praechter – Thank you Kelly Bowring for telling it how it is! May God bless you abundantly.

Garrett Borak – God Bless you Dr. Bowring. Keep the sword of truth by your side. You are a brave man and courageous man of God.

Elizabeth Pringle – I pray for your protection and that of your family. Be tucked away in the two hearts. You are one brave man and lover of the Truth. Mary hold you tight!

Monica Rueda De Leon – Thank you Kelly for your courage! I think once the synod is completed and Francis possibly implements the change of doctrine, it will become clear to many of the faithful what is really going on.

Denise A Girard – Yes, a very Holy Spirit filled video. Dr. Kelly Bowring, I thank you so much for this ! You are a True gift to our Holy Catholic Church!! God Bless you!

Anthony Ferrari – Courageous! Well Written. The reader and viewer can discern. Things will continue to unfold.

Paul – News Flash!!!  Dr. Kelly Bowring has written an Open Letter to Pope Francis. It explains clearly what I believe as a Catholic in 2014. It takes courage to stand up for Jesus.

James Francis – Awesome, Bravo and Amen

Sma Coyne – Thank you and God bless you, Kelly!

Usanasuccess Gutierrez – THANKS FOR YOUR STAND

Patricia Koenig – Dr. Kelly Bowring PhD is a leader of truth and doctrine.

Emily Mangiaracina – Yes, thank you Dr. Kelly!

Laurie Hutchison Hogan – God bless Dr. Kelly Bowring for putting this out there for all to see.

Uju Julia – So precise, so true

Emanuel Dial – M. Voris and Fr. Grunner, I pray start to make similar analysis, though it seems this is already in their minds. We all need to be alert now more than ever. Thank you Kelly Bowring for being the first of the few to stand up verbally.

Pamela Conrad – Thank you Kelly for your courage and insight!!!!!

Paul Meo – A man of God in action.

Tom L Michaels – God bless Dr. Kelly Bowring

Marie Le Claire – Excellent!!!


Diana Cunningham – My God, this open letter is A-MAZING!!! Every Catholic needs to see this video! I’m going to share this with everyone I can. Finally, a Catholic theologian comes out with an eloquent video that concisely says everything I try to point out, but reach a road-block on with others. Loved ones don’t listen to me, but maybe hearing this from a different well-respected voice will open cracks that desperately need to come forth. I’m going seed-planting today!!


Kyla Daniels – God bless you Kelly

Mirry Mizzi – Your letter is spot on Dr. Kelly Bowring. Francis knows exactly what he is doing – but he WILL NOT succeed.

Vita Di Cristo – Dr. Sir, I would like to thank God for the Graces He has poured upon you on the journey of writing this brave and bold article. One of my priests friend read some portions of it and was asking me to email it to all the bishops or rather send a hard copy to all.

Appreciations, yes, definitely. But here I would like to see this as how God chooses people to put everything in place at times of need (crisis). The pressure of taking this task is unimaginable. However, I believe that it is unimaginable to those who think it as their piece of work. When the Holy Spirit drives people the pressure or pain becomes sweet. I think now you are enjoying that sweetness. You will see the place of bombardment being shifted to you soon and I am sure that you are already equipped with the treatment, especially with the power of prayer.

Gianna Rae – Dear Dr. Kelly, It took incredible courage & strength to write this open letter… know that you did the right thing… You were direct, concise, powerfully honest and yet respectful. I humbly ask for everyone to please pray for Dr. Kelly Bowring’s protection and the protection of his loving family. I have shared this open letter with many Priests and Monasteries across our great nation and abroad, we will make this open letter go Viral, as we wait for a response from the Vatican. Dr. Kelly you are a True Warrior for Christ and a Disciple in today’s evil world. May Our Mother of Salvation wrap her Holy and Protective Mantle around you and your family during this time, and I pray Our Lord showers you with Blessings and Graces for the Great Battle.

Kathleen Hollenbeck – Kelly, I have been reading your blogs for a quite a while now. It is with infinite gratitude that we acknowledge that we are not alone in our concerns. Your writings have been an educated, clear minded and courageous witness to the truth that is unfolding around us.

We have known this was coming; though it has been increasingly difficult to watch what is happening right before us within our beloved Church. They say you get the leaders you deserve; while this might be true, there are those of us who will pray for the graces to stand for the truth of Christ when the world has fallen around us.

May love and prayer be our sword, and the 2000 year old authentic teachings of Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church be our shield, in the inevitable battle that is ahead of us.

Mike Callery – Thank you Kelly Bowring

San Miguel Arcangel – Thanks Dr. Kelly, “Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.” — Pope Leo XII

Joseph Manepalli – Thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us, we also pray for your protection and strength from Holy Spirit

Araceli Tanaka – Kelly Bowring, you are truly a Knight.

Michele Shannon – Thank you Kelly Bowring!!! God bless you. You are a fierce warrior for Christ. We the Remnant stand behind you.

Peach Bar – Your one of the brave leaders of God’s Remnant Army….the Battle has begun….Keep up the Good Fight….were behind you.


Ligia M. Reyes – Dr. Kelly Bowring, with an incredible gift of communication, has clarified several of the issues and concerns in each of his questions to Bergoglio. He was direct, concise, powerfully honest and yet respectful. I am so grateful for his courage. I humbly ask, everyone to pray for his protection and blessings as Evil does not like truthful conversation. Evil does not like this open letter. We must pray for him and in everyone of us, so we can continue to follow our Lord and know right from wrong.

Sharon Micklas – God Bless Kelly Bowring +++ Please keep him safe…

Larry Wolfe – Amen. It is VITAL that ALL Catholics understand that EVEN the Catholic Apologists and Theologians can see CLEARLY what is happening… We stand with God, Jesus, Mary and the Heavenly Hierarchy. We will NEVER follow evil… WE will FIGHT for the TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH AND CHURCH THAT JESUS ESTABLISHED… Holy Remnant Lock and Load… We are at War, the prophesied Spiritual War for Souls and for the Preservation of the TRUE CHURCH… We have the backing of God Our Father, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother, the Holy Angels and the entire population of Heaven!!!! St. Michael and Guardian Angels Defend us in Battle and safeguard us against all evil… !!!!

Please Read this top to bottom… then Share it with Everyone on your friends lists and mainly share this with family, friends and mainly your Priests… God bless +

Evelyn Fernandez – Had this printed xeroxed and disseminated.

Nuala Tyrone Ireland – Dr. Kelly Bowring thank you so much.

Gloria Fox – This is us Christians now beginning to stand up and be counted as part of God’s remnant army.

Dave Theisen – Either the Pope is out of control, thinks he is in control — but is not, or what Kelly Bowing posits may be true. All bad options for Catholics.

Souzan M Khanania – God bless DR. KELLY BOWRING. I ask Jesus to give him health and strength in this work because he is one of the rare coin especially at this time.

Larry Galen Larson – POWERFUL! POWERFUL!!!! A courageous attempt to pinpoint Francis’ actions (and non-actions) asking for clarification.  Dr. Bowring did a great job in spelling it out and giving the pope the chance to explain his actions.

Janet Rick – Can. 212 §1. Conscious of their own responsibility, the Christian faithful are bound to follow with Christian obedience those things which the sacred pastors, inasmuch as they represent Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or establish as rulers of the Church.

§2. The Christian faithful are free to make known to the pastors of the Church their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires.

§3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.

Well done Dr. Kelly.

Daniel Doiron – Let’s do this Kelly. My sword is raised….and the piercing fire of God…is waiting…and Ready.

Mara Wang – We stand on your side, Dr. Kelly, and will pray for your safety and strength. Together we sing and shout: “The Lord is my salvation, whom should I fear?”

San Miguel Arcangel – “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to EVIL. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.” ― Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

D. Harris – Dr. Bowring, your excellent open letter to Pope Francis has indeed strengthened me in my resolve. Thank you.

Kelly Johnson – Dr., thank you so much for being a man of God and for loving our Church and caring so much about all of us and for being so brave… You are in my prayers because I know that the Masonic Order and that satan and his minions will do all they can to stop you from spreading the truth. I’m in tears of gratitude to you and mainly to Jesus for leading you and guiding you to His Truth. I’ve been working so long and so hard for so many years to awaken the flock to what is going on and witnessing the dismantling of our beautiful Church and doctrine established by Jesus, the Apostles, and our past Church Fathers. I am in tears writing you with so much joy and thankfulness inside. Thank you so much… God Bless you so much… I’m a nobody and very few in the grand scheme of things listen or believe me but I know they will not be able to deny you a Catholic Theologian.
You love God and Jesus and our Faith like I do… Bless your heart…
Our Mother is holding your hand and Our Lord has His arms around you. Thank you for being brave and honest and a man of God. God Bless you for all eternity.

Beata Chrzaszcz – Dear Dr. Bowring, I believe you are receiving thousands of e-mails from people. I just want to say, that my heart is full of joy, that God has such fearless warriors like you to protect His true Church!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR SAYING SO OPENLY THE TRUTH!!! God bless you… and you bless us with the Truth of your pure approach to the authentic Faith of our Lord.

Alan Hannigan – Wonderful letter Kelly… Your other post on the Two Hearts’ website is brilliant also… Prophesies that explain trouble ahead for the Papacy! I gave a priest a copy of it printed out & intend on getting multiple copies printed out before this Synod of Bishops meeting comes to an end! Your a light in the dark for many people who lack discernment & enlightenment through these confusing times out there for many including priests. I’ve no doubt Jesus will truly reward you in abundance for your work for Him… Shedding light & guiding His Sacred servants. Keep up the good work & God bless you.

Dawn Benomran – I have read your letter to Pope Francis, and I write to applaud your courage and bravery to speak out with such eloquence, conviction and truth, saying what many of us would love to say but wouldn’t know where to start.
I read your new book, “The Signs of the Times”, when it was released some months ago. It clearly was put together with Our Lady’s help, as you describe in your introduction.  It is a marvelous ‘tool’ I take it with me everywhere I go these days, as I never know who the Lord may want me to talk to.
Thank you for listening to God and responding to him in such a wholehearted way, you will help save so many souls by what you have done.
We support you with our prayers, and we also believe everything you have put together in your open letter. Thank you once again for taking this lead with such fearlessness.  May you be blessed with the protection of all of Heaven.  May God continue to use you as a warrior in these dark days, until we come to the new era of the Divine Will.

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