God’s Last Prophet on Earth — New Video October 2019

Dr. Kelly Bowring, theologian and end-time prophecy expert, discusses the case of “Maria Divine Mercy” (MDM), who is reportedly according to God, His last prophet on Earth between now and the Second Coming of Christ, sent by Him to give His final messages from Heaven to all souls, all faiths, all creeds, all nations.
Through her, God Himself has revealed the details of the Book of Revelation and specifically declares that this is the generation of its fulfillment.
God even reportedly says about this:
“Mark My Words now, (MDM’s) Book of Truth is the GREATEST GIFT given by Me to the world, since I sent My only Son to redeem you.”

God says that MDM is also called to form His Remnant Army whose mission is to convert billions of souls in these end times before the Second Coming and 1000 Year Era of Peace. See these websites for more information, including the Book of Truth messages, the Seal, and the Crusade Prayer Groups and Prayers:
missionofsalvation.com, and
The 7 ways to join the MDM Remnant Army are:

  1. Read the MDM messages of the Book of Truth. You can download them and read them online for free.
  2. Pray the MDM Crusade Prayers. Daily. Along with the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Along with Adoration, daily Mass.
  3. Get the MDM Seal of the Living God. You can download it online for free. Have it in your homes and carry it with you.
  4. Consider wearing the Medal of Our Lady, Mother of Salvation.
  5. Organize or join an MDM Jesus to Mankind prayer group.
  6. Spread these MDM Book of Truth messages and this video. Share them on social media.
  7. Persevere until the end. Your reward will be great. You will save yourselves, your loved ones, and many many many many millions, the messages do say, millions of souls.
    This video is episode 5 in a 13-part video series, “The Warning, The Miracle, and The Apocalypse”, on end-time prophecies by Dr. Kelly Bowring. For more information about Dr. Bowring’s 13-part end times prophecy video series, see www.twoheartspress.com.
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