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Church Recognition:

His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, while Archbishop of Cebu, Philippines, granted the Church’s Imprimatur, rarely given to books on prophecy, to this book. As an expert on Marian teaching and prophecy in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Vidal was uniquely qualified to have reviewed and approved this book as being without error in faith and morals.

Book Reviews:

May This Book Reach As Many People As Possible!
– Rev. Fr. Vincent Balili, Secretary of Cardinal Vidal

I recommend you get this book and read it. I would even go so far as to say I implore you to read it.
– Jerry Morin, Director, Servants to the World

– Donald Riemer, Coordinator, Perpetual Adoration, St. Mary’s Church, Milwaukee, WI

Highly Recommended! A Must Read!
This book will probably sell like “hot cakes”.
– Deacon John Giglio, Internet Blog Host

A Book That You Will Read More Than Once – You have my word!
I COULD NOT put it down. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor and get this book. I promise you will not be disappointed.

– Fr. Neil Buchlein, Pastor of Ascension Church in Hurricane, W. Virginia, and host of a Marian Internet blog

One of the Most Captivating Books I’ve ever Read!                                                     As a former Baptist seminarian graduating from a Bible college, who was raised in an Anti-Catholic home, my journey home to the Catholic Church was primarily fueled by a desire to understand the true meaning of the Book of Revelation. After many years of rigorous study of the Bible and Theology, and after reading many books, I’ve found the Messages of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary to be THE KEY. I was very glad to find this book… it is concise, informative, inspiring and scripturally sound. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to find such a book. I really can’t recommend it enough. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Steven Teixeira, former Baptist seminarian

A Real Page-Turner!
This book needs to be read by every Catholic.
It will inspire you! I cannot praise it enough.

– David T. Little, President, World St. Thomas More Society

The BEST book that I have read in the last 5 years, possibly, in the last 10!
– Anthony P. Rocha, St. Stanislaus Parish, Bay City, MI

Excellent Book!
– Thomas Fahy, President, John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality

This book was recommended to me by a wonderful priest after I cried and cried to him about the happenings going on in this world today. He pulled Dr. Bowring’s book out, opened it up, and read some passages. I sat there almost frozen in amazement. It is a book that I keep on my bed stand with the Bible and read often… I tell all of my Catholic friends to read it. I insist until they do and then they thank me over and over again. They then do the same thing with their friends. Don’t pass this one over. It is profound and puts everything into perspective.
Barbara J. Pingree, Rochester NY

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